Thai Tanning Industry with environment works

Thai Tanning Industry Association gives the importance and delicate the capital and time to develop wastewater treatment by collecting the capital about 200 million baht, establishing 2 wastewater treatment systems on up to 52 Rai; furthermore, there is the improvement systems and bringing the modern technology using with the those 2 wastewater treatment system areas at all time. We hopefully believe that the unity, orderliness, and systematically working in our industry development will further go together with the environment maintenance.

Tanning Industry Zone KM.30 and 34 Co., Ltd.

is an organization established for environmental management. Including providing utilities and wastewater treatment systems in the tanning industry zone KM.3 to not cause an impact on the environment and the community In accordance with environmental policy and management.

Management of waste water treatment systems By environmental engineers

That has environmental expertise Which will have to measure and analyze the quality of waste water regularly For efficiency and accuracy According to the quality standards set by the Department of Industrial Works and the world-class international standard ISO9001

Carbon Footprint

The amount of greenhouse gas emitted from the operations of the organization Which will lead to the formulation of management guidelines. We manage reduce greenhouse gas emissions effectively. At present, the members of the association have managed and received a carbon footprint certificate.

Sludge processing

Member of Tanning Industry Zone use waste from processing into Brick block. They can be recycled. To reduce the cost of waste disposal outside the area. It also helps to reduce the impact on the environment.
KM 30
KM 34